4 Fun PC/Mobile Games to Play With Your LDR Partner!

One of the things I do with my long distance partner is playing games, and these are my recommendations!

I will begin this post by admitting that I am not a gamer, compared to my partner. I am a casual, through and through–so for my fellow readers who don’t really play games, fear not!

Another disclaimer: I am not being paid by any developers for reviewing these games. All the reviews are based on my partner and my experiences. Prices stated are in Singapore dollars.

Playing games can be part of your virtual date night, and based on my own experience, it is a good bonding session to get to know each other more. Without further ado, these are the games I recommend to play with your long distance partner!

Word Domination (Mobile) | Free with In-App Purchases

picture by Google Play (link below)

I played this word game often with my partner during the first few months of long distance relationship. It’s basically Scrabbles, with special features: skill cards. Other than the ‘Friendly Games’, you can play against strangers and there are single-player events (with NPC Tiler), too, which will be very helpful to make you stronger before facing your partner again.

The Plus:

  • We can play this while video calling (and see my partner’s expression when he’s defeated) while playing real-time in ‘Friendly Games’
  • During single player, you will be matched with a player who has the same rank as you
  • It is fast paced

The Minus:

  • It can be repetitive (except if you do the events)
  • To get the good cards, you might need to play the single-player mode a lot, or make in-app purchases for the currency needed

To download and more info: Google Play, App Store

Board Kings (Mobile) | Free with In-App Purchases

picture by Jelly Button

I first thought that this is Monopoly, but actually this is more like Clash of Clans in board game mode (you know, improving your own stuff and then destroying other people’s stuff part).

The gameplay involves rolling the dice and collecting money as your avatar (called idol in the game) bounce around the board, and upgrade your buildings. There are bunny citizens on your board, and keeping their mood up is important to increase your level.

Here’s the catch, when your idol lands on the train station tile, you get to travel to your friend’s board and go around… destroying their buildings, which will give you more money, and ruining their bunnies’ moods.

Recent updates let you leave gifts on their board, though, so it’s not all bad, right? And in general, you and your friends will need to exchange stickers during the collection event, to get a limited edition idol or more dice.

The Plus:

  • Pestering each other through this game is super fun, you can pester strangers too, consecutive times
  • The board design is so cute!
  • You can help them out, too, even though it’s just a small part of the game
  • There is a feature to block visitors from your board, but it only works one time, so if the player visits you again afterwards, s/he will be able to get into your board

The Minus:

  • It can be very repetitive even with the events (my partner stops playing because of this, but to be fair we played for almost a year, almost every single day)
  • Strangers can visit your board and wreak havoc consecutive times
  • The game clearly gives advantage to players who make a lot of in-app purchases; there are ‘purchase events’ that will give you more gifts

To download and more info: Google Play, App Store

Gang Beasts (PC) | S$20.00

picture by Steam (link below)

I haven’t played this game with my partner, actually. I played this game with my classmates back in media art school. It’s basically a silly-but-brutal slapstick battle royale game, but the characters are all gelatinous. They make cute sounds and you can dress them with cute costumes which are part of the game.

The Plus:

  • No additional fee after the main purchase!
  • It’s super cute and fun (you can check Pewdiepie, JackSepticEye, Markiplier, and CinammonToastKen playing this game together on their Youtube channels!)
  • Because it’s hilarious, I can’t be too salty when I get defeated, which is a good game to wind down if you are too competitive
  • You can let strangers in, just in case you need more people to fight

The Minus:

  • It’s more fun to play with mutual friends with video call, but if you don’t have much friends, it will be just one-on-one (especially if you are uncomfortable with strangers)
  • Players who play with joystick have more advantages, in my opinion
  • No new updates for a while, maybe the price is too much for that?

To buy and more info: Steam

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC) | S$18.50; S$12.75 for DLC

picture by Steam (link below)

This game reminds me of Takeshi’s Castle, a Japanese TV show where people go through arenas and try to be as agile and fast as possible to reach the end goal. But in this game you are actually a contestant, and you are super wobbly (and prone to falling). You will be put together with 58 other strangers (because you and your partner will be in one party) and try to not get eliminated until the final round.

The Plus:

  • It’s cute and colorful, and the soundtrack is great
  • You and your partner can play as a party (although most of the time, you are on your own, because your partner can’t help you in the game)
  • If you get eliminated, you can spectate your partner’s gameplay
  • You will see your competitive side emerging by playing this game
  • The developer team is actively improving the game

The Minus:

  • The betrayal your partner does to you in this game will hurt (when they deliberately make you fail/fall for fun; based on experience)
  • You will see your competitive side emerging by playing this game

To buy and more info: Steam

What games do you usually play with your partner, whether or not you are in a long distance relationship? Feel free to tell me on the comments below!

from Mel to you.

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5 Replies to “4 Fun PC/Mobile Games to Play With Your LDR Partner!”

    Thank you for reading my post!
    Actually, my fiance and I play some of the games on the list–especially the mobile ones–even when we are together, so it’s not too late now! 😀
    But I think, as long as you both enjoyed it, whatever the activity was it’d be great.
    What did you and your husband do for your virtual dates if you don’t mind sharing?


    We would watch movies together online or have a dinner date (we both cooked the same thing and ate it over the phone together, although it would be earlier for me because of the time difference). We’d also do care packages and make sure we were together on the phone when we opened them!

    Actually those are good ideas too! But currently, rather than movies, we do Netflix Party and instead of a meal, we had snacks hahaha

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