Bond Touch: Cutest Device for Long Distance Couples

Although we are far apart, we can still bring each other’s “buzzes” around with us using this device!

Around 8 months into our relationship, my fiancé and I started our long distance relationship since I needed to return to my home country. It wasn’t great–it is still not great now; but thankfully we have technology on our side. Thanks to that, we get to see each other’s face in real time as we chat at the end of our day. Sometimes we play games together (see what we play here) as well. So overall, two of our mutual love languages’ (words of affirmation and quality time) needs are fulfilled.

But then, a new problem arose. I couldn’t help but to feel that my hand was feeling empty. My fiancé and I used to hold hands everywhere we go; and now, since he is not around, I tend to unconsciously reach for my mother’s hand almost every time we go out. Yes, my other love language–physical touch–is not quenched.

That was the case until our first year anniversary. My fiancé came over to my country for our usual bimonthly visits, and he gave me a gift. It was Bond Touch.

Before I continue, I would like to mention that I am not paid by anyone to write about this product. By clicking the link, I won’t get any commission. Everything I write here comes from my own experience. Yes, even the part where I tried to hold my mother’s hand.

What is Bond Touch?

Bond Touch is one of the devices for long distance couples, and here is the official website. It’s a device you wear as a bracelet, and with the power of Bluetooth and the Internet, you get to send gentle vibrations to your partner no matter how far apart you are.

When I received it, just by looking at the picture on the box, I figured out what it was right away, since I used to see it a lot in Uncommon Goods, and that was where my fiancé bought it from (link to the product here).

One Bond Touch bracelet (the device and the TPU band), one charging cable and one small guide booklet comes with every box.

How does it work?

picture by AppAdvice

The two bracelets can connect thanks to the Bond Touch app (available on Google Play and App Store). Other than its support to pair your devices and make sure your touches reach your partner’s wrist (even when it’s on the background), it also has some features such as:

  • You can countdown to the next date your partner and you will meet
  • You can customize the light’s colors to make it more personalized
  • There is an encrypted chatroom just for you and your partner (new feature, more details here); and it will alert your partner through the bracelet.

To connect it, you start with downloading the Bond Touch app. And then:

  1. Open the app and enable your Bluetooth, then follow the instructions
  2. Add each other in the app
  3. Tap twice to ‘wake it up’ so you can send the vibrations

Make sure to keep your WiFi and Bluetooth on the whole time!

Do I like Bond Touch?

My fiancé and I personally like it! We like bugging each other with it, to be exact. The fact that it’s waterproof; the battery lasts long; and how practical and heartwarming it is to be able to carry my partner’s mischief everywhere with me makes me love Bond Touch even more.

I still kind of unconsciously reach to my mother’s hand, but at least I can hold myself back better this time–and send him my regards by tapping the device.

Currently, the band color we have are the default color (Charcoal Black), but maybe I would order other colors someday! And I think my fiancé and I will still use it from time to time even when we have closed the distance. Kudos to the team to come up with such a brilliant device!

Do you have a device to support you and your partner during long distance relationship? Or have you ever had one? Feel free to tell me in the comments below!

from Mel to you.

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