PSA: Take Action with #LoveIsNotTourism !

#LoveIsEssential , and #LoveIsNotTourism ! It’s time for you to take a part in the movement in the midst of this pandemic!

This is a special post which I can’t wait to write, and can’t wait to spread ever since I discovered #LoveIsNotTourism on Twitter from the official account and Love Is Not A Tourism groups; made by the kind people of Felix Urbasik and Tom Schober.

Personally, I have been separated from my fiancé for 6 months so far; with our plans at the risk of going awry because of the uncertain times. Everyday, I check the numbers on Indonesia’s COVID-19 statistics on the official website and see no signs that the curve will go down. Everyday, I can’t help but to feel angry by the ignorance of some people, who still go out without mask just because they are feeling healthy; without caring about how their actions can impact others. Malls can wait, folks!

Some countries started to open borders for business purposes, but I can’t help but mention jokingly all the time, “If only marriage is a business,”. Unfortunately, for international couples, IT IS a business.

Think about it, we need visa. To apply for visa, some of us would need to do the solemnisation earlier; and before doing so, we need to attend interviews IN-PERSON. We need to submit documents IN-PERSON as well. I submitted my pre-application, which has an expiry date of one year, or I need to reapply again. This is not even about the wedding. But how can we do it if we can’t even enter the country?

The good thing is, I just came to a realization today that I am not alone. My friend shared a screenshot of this Facebook post–about how a CNN journalist from Indonesia is looking for couples who are in international relationship for an interview; which brought me to the Facebook group of people like me. People like us.

What is #LoveIsNotTourism?

It is a hashtag by Love Is Not Tourism, an organization which understands that closure of international borders are sensible and necessary, but also enunciates that love is not tourism; it’s about mental health of people all around the world.

It also proclaims that we, the international couples and family, are willing to submit to appropriate safety regulations: swab tests, 14-days quarantine; anything, just like how business visitors are treated.

What actions can I take to support #LoveIsNotTourism?

You can find the list of the countries on the homepage and join petitions based on your country, or just share the hashtags #LoveIsNotTourism and #LoveIsEssential in social media!

By sharing, you can also help a lot of people who aren’t aware of #LoveIsNotTourism movement yet. It feels so empowering to know that this movement exists.

What benefits can this movement bring?

Hopefully, international couples and families can quickly reunite, safely, to add, because they will still follow regulations.

Hopefully, by featuring this on my blog, I will be able to do my part as well, other than joining the petitions. Your move of spreading the hashtags if you are not in an international relationship will help a lot, too! Feel free to check for more details!

from Mel to you.

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4 Replies to “PSA: Take Action with #LoveIsNotTourism !”

    Thank you for commenting, Gabriela!
    Please share it around, I feel like not a lot of people know about this.
    Your support will mean a lot for us! 🙂


    You are welcome Ursaline!
    I hope you feel a bit better after knowing that this movement exists, even though it’s not a surefire way.
    Let’s do our best to voice out our stories and pray lots because we are not alone! 😀


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