4 Great Couple Apps Every Long Distance Couples Should Try

Nothing defeats a social media platform specially made to be used only by the two of you when you are far apart. Here are the couple apps you should try with your partner!

As stated on my Bond Touch review; as a long distance couple there are many ways my fiancé and I try when it comes to tackling long distance relationship. We call. And play games. We wear Bond Touch bracelets. There is one thing my fiancé and I don’t do, though: we don’t act all mushy on social media.

And that’s because we have a place for us to ‘unleash’ our mushiness: couple apps. Couple apps are social media platforms with unique features (especially privacy) just for the two of you. Actually, whether or not you are in a long distance relationship, I would recommend you to try one of these couple apps I am going to discuss today.

As usual, a disclaimer before I continue: I am not paid by anyone to write the review of these couple apps. All of the reviews are straight from my own experience as a user. The prices are in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) since that’s where I live right now as this post is written. Conversion to SGD (Singapore Dollar) are based from Google at the time this post is written.

1. Couplete

I would say that this couple app is my favorite so far (despite its setbacks), because as you can see on the picture above, it has a love letter system. Created by a Korean company Wonderabbit, Couplete has a very cute interface with it’s combination of coral and white. And just like any other couple apps, Couplete has calendar, couple’s timeline and private messenger; but Couplete has “Love Letter” and “Wish-list” feature.

The “Love Letter” feature allows you to write letters to each other and seal it with 3 kinds of seals: the Basic Seal, Magical Seal of Touch (you can set the number of times your partner should tap the seal to open it), and Magical Seal of Time (you can set the date for the letter to be opened). To use certain features, in-app purchases will be needed.

To follow, the “Wish-list” feature allows you to add some goals under many categories: “Visit”, “Watch”, “Buy”, “Affection”, “Restaurant”, “Festival”, “Travel”, and “Show”. You can add pictures on them, too. After you completed the wish, press “Completed!” and your wish will be listed under “Completed Wishes”. The wishes can be private to you too or publicized to other users.

The Plus:

  • The “Love Letter” and “Wish-list” features for sure.
  • You can nudge/poke your partner and their phone will buzz.
  • On the Calendar, you can “update intercourse history”, and choose whether or not you used protection.
  • You can share the menstrual cycle on the Calendar as well.
  • You can schedule an event for yourself, and for the couple separately.
  • The base language isn’t English, but it’s translated quite well.

The Minus:

  • The developers have given up on this app. No more updates. It disappeared from Google Play or App Store. You need to download it through APK (only for Android users) if you still want it.
  • Once, the connection just dropped (we couldn’t open it). The app might be closing soon; it was last updated in 2018.
  • There is no settings whatsoever for us to export the letters/pictures on the timeline. That means no backup.

To download: ApkPure

2. Between

To be honest, Between is an app I just tried for a month or so, as my fiancé and I dread upon Couplete‘s fall. But turns out, Between might be another hidden gem; a much simpler and straightforward choice just in case you don’t bother with the letter/wishlist feature Couplette offers.

Created by VCNC (Value Creators and Company), which is another Korean company, Between offers a simple but cute and straightforward couple app with features like couple calendar, couple’s timeline, special day page, and a private messenger with animated stickers.

They have mascots (which included as the animated stickers) called Merry Between™, with characters such as a pink rabbit (Merry); an… egg with small limbs and booty (Robin); a white dog (Milk); a couple of ricecakes (Mochi); a cat with eyebrows (Ivy); a white puppy (Plain Puppy); and a gray bear (Gray).

Wait, did I say that there’s no letter feature in Between? That means, I haven’t talked about Between Plus, a subscription plans Between offers. There are 4 subscription plans: 1 month (for IDR 37,000 = SGD 3.43); 6 months (for IDR 169,000 = SGD 15.68); 1 year (for IDR 189,000 = SGD 17.53); and Lifetime (for IDR 379,000 = SGD 35.15).

And these are the features which come with Between Plus:

  • 1 Plus 1 – one purchase for you AND your partner
  • Ad-free – you still have the option to turn it on if you want some ads… for whatever reasons I won’t judge you for
  • Super high quality photos – you can upload photos in original quality (up to 30MB)
  • Special stickers – you can unlock Merry Between™ stickers set
  • Longer videos – you can upload up to 5 minutes long (up to 300MB) in Photos and Chat
  • Longer voice memos – you can record voice memos up to 5 minutes long
  • Upload 50 photos at once – to Photos
  • Download photos – you can export the photos for back up
  • Send love letters – you can customize the background music and color too, and decide when should the letter be sent
  • Colorful themes – more color themes for your app
  • Extended data retention – in case you decided to Disconnect, your data won’t disappear until after 90 days (originally 31 days)
  • Search chat by date – to get your conversation history by date

My fiancé and I are still considering whether or not to subscribe, since we only like one feature: the love letter. I feel like it’s impossible for us to upload 50 pictures at once, too. Despite using couple apps, we still chat, send voice/video notes, and call using other platforms like Whatsapp and Google Duo.

The Plus:

  • It’s way more stable than Couplete so far
  • The calendar imports the public holiday based on the country we live in
  • There are more categories for the Special Day feature, such as: birthdays, first day, first kiss, engagement, wedding day, expecting a baby, and other; which is kind of cute
  • It’s always updated, and there will be events for the users (I don’t know for sure what the events will be but it sure is exciting)
  • It’s available in both mobile and laptop/PC

The Minus:

  • Why do you defy my right to send cute letters?
  • The subscription plan can be a bit pricey if you don’t use every features provided.

To download: App Store, Google Play, Windows, Mac OS

3. Marco Polo

There are many uses of Marco Polo–an app by Joya Communications Inc, like for group calls with friends/family, or even business (coaching) purposes; but I will focus more on how much it helps my fiancé and I add more variation on how we contact each other during our long distance relationship. Therefore, I will include Marco Polo into couple apps category.

This is the app which makes us question whether or not Between Plus will be worth it. Marco Polo is where we send video messages–called Polos; sometimes it becomes the alternative when my Internet connection is too laggy for a video call, or when one of us need a ‘pick-me-up’ short video. I think the app which is the most similar to Marco Polo is Snapchat, but the obvious difference between the two is how the videos we send in Marco Polo don’t just disappear. The videos are archived, but we can restore it (even though it needs at least 24 hours).

There is a Marco Polo Plus plan as well, which include features that are being requested often by its users, like:

  • Speed controls – toggle the speed as you watch Polos, from 1.5x to 3x
  • Create and Save Polos in HD – when you record, the HD video will be saved to your phone.
  • Voice-only Polos – as the name suggests, it’s an audio only recording
  • Custom Emoji Reactions – you can add your favorite emoji into the reactions
  • Scratchpad – to take notes while watching, and to have reference notes when you respond
  • Live Texting – you can text your friends while they are recording live
  • Urgent Notes – you can alert people using special notification that your Polo requires immediate response
  • Plus Passes – you can give 2 months FREE of Plus to your friends and family

Once again, my fiancé and I are not going to get the Plus features, as we only send short video messages. People who use Marco Polo for coaching might benefit more from Marco Polo Plus.

The Plus:

  • It’s definitely more efficient than Snapchat; you don’t need to go through such a hassle for replay. The videos are only archived if your videos are more than 5 videos (which fit a row)
  • The tutorial is very clear
  • The connection is through phone numbers, so no creeps can stumble upon your account
  • There are effects, like camera filters, voice effects, doodles, and text which can be set/drawn before you press record
  • You can create groups with your friends, so other than a couple app, this can be a friends app

The Minus:

  • Nothing I can think of for now

To download: App Store, Google Play

4. LokLok

picture by Google Play

Just like Marco Polo, Loklok brings more variation into our long distance relationship life, so this, too, is under couple apps category. With Loklok, now you have double lockscreens, one which you can doodle on and receive doodle from your synced partner.

And yes, a somewhat awkward situation has ever happened to me while using this app. Once, I accidentally left my phone in the office; and through a friend’s phone, I contacted a colleague who was still in the office to check if my phone is there. Of course he needed to wake my phone up to check if the phone is mine, and he saw the doodle from my fiancé. Well, the message was not cheeky or anything, but it sure was awkward for my colleague because he felt like he has seen something that should be private to my partner and I.

The Plus:

  • It’s super cute!
  • You can add stickers or photos and doodle on top of it if you want to
  • You can use this with a group of friends, too
  • You can doodle without unlocking your phone

The Minus:

  • Sometimes the syncing and updating takes a long time, so the doodles might not arrive on time
  • Sometimes it disconnects and won’t appear on my lockscreen; I must go to the app and do whatever I want to do there
  • It’s not available in iOS

To download: Google Play

These are the couple apps my fiancé and I actually use, and for this post, I tried to dig deeper so that I can give extensive information for you. I hope this can be helpful. By the way, you don’t really need to be in a long distance relationship to use these couple apps. Have fun using them!

from Mel to you.

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    This is such a helpful list of apps for long distance couples. I have so much respect for couples that can maintain a long distance relationship, I’m sure it can’t be easy but these apps may make things a little better!

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