Hello, there!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your support, and welcome to my blog!
My name is Mel, a shortened version of Melia–pronounced like my Instagram handle @mayleeaaah, although some pronounce it as mee-lee-yah instead; the author (and creator) of from Mel to you. Hello from Singapore, by the way!

I started this blog around August 2020–yes, it’s the COVID-19 year. I decided to stay at home since April, and just like how I started my (now deleted) journal-style blog back in high school (around 2014-2015 while I was staying in the hospital because of dengue fever), I decided to create a more legit website for my writing so that I will take blogging more seriously, not an on-and-off thing like last time.

Also, unlike my high school blog, I actually chose a few topics I like to talk and read about (therefore it’s mostly about relationship and personal development) as the blog niche(s), instead of just talking about my days. My inspiration for the articles come from what I face on a daily basis as a partner and a person who strives to keep growing, guided by what I find helpful; from conversations I had with my partner/close friends; food for thoughts and shower thoughts; or from books I read (Gottman’s and Mark Manson’s are my current favorites). My goal is to relay messages based on my own experiences (hence the blog name) which hopefully are relatable and helpful for my readers.

Anyways, you can connect with me through Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! One of my short term goals is to have a corner where I answer questions or give advices to my readers who send their laments regarding relationships or personal development through emails/DMs, because (I am totally tooting my horn here) some friends DO come to me for advices, and it’ll be super cool if I can interact with my readers!

As of January 2021, I have added an additional category which will be my public journal, containing my daily life. I admit that I created this content because I miss the simple days of blogging just like how things were back in 2014-2015.
Please do check it out!

from Mel to you.